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Fake Science - The Hows & Whys of

 (It's the Rothschild Vatican, dummy!)

 "Science paradigms never changed thanks to Church or its ways, but always in spite of it!"

"Not real, but made to look or seem real." (Cambridge Dictionary)
"Designed to deceive or cheat; not real; counterfeit." (


How Oh How... Did We Miss The Mass of the Universe by 98%?

By Letting Alchemists & Other Freaks In Science: G & OD Misspelled...

● An alchemist Newton ascribed units to proportionality G so to close his physics mathematically. G is not universal — it's a very special case, without physical meaning in his own physics! But many OD-ed on G being The Constant. Scientists lost focus.

By Letting Priests In Science: From Big Bang Via Meteors To Seismology

Big Bang theory (BBT) is a practical joke by jewish mega-banking dynasty Rothschilds (19th-21st c. successors of 15th-18th c. Medicis who were successors of 11th-14th c. Frescobaldis) via Church (ran by jewish popes since 1605) based on an Edgar Alan Poe's novel. Jesuit priest credited with BBT took oath of secrecy and alias G. Lemaître (in French: Master G; for god). Like a fox guarding the henhouse, the Vatican thus laid out a playground within which scientists can play — in sciences like physics, seismology (aka Jesuit science), biology... The scientist got ordained.
(Now you know why the 100+ pontifical universities too teach Big Bang and like fairy-tales.)

By Letting Entrepreneurs In Science: Do Police Your Discovery, Or Lose It!

● An anti-semitic profiteer Edison robbed ingenious inventors like Tesla, cashed on their stolen ideas, and built his fake fame. Edison's groupies, like one Musk who continues robbing Tesla's intellectual property even in death, imposed their Nazi corporatism onto much of physics/engineering. Scientist became a profession.

By Letting Military In Science: Theoretical Physics As A Genocide Sedative

Destructive minds, focused on exploding things, not creating, hijacked theoretical physics. They named it High-Energy Physics and turned it into Weapons Machine. The real Theoretical Physics got turned into Fairytale Landscape. Scientists lost it...

By Letting Financiers In Science: Climate Change, Climate Change Me Not

● Once war-profiteers hit the wall with peacetime market-bubbles (which replaced currency trading which replaced fixed currency which replaced metal currency), they hijacked a science to start trading a new currency — carbon. As their pretext, they claim that the global surface temperature changed by 1-2°C over the last century or so. But surface temperatures before the 1970s were measured to 1 whole degree C, so all centennial studies claiming changes of up to 2°C are — fake (you can't create information out of nothing)! Renaming global warming to climate change was also a scam to keep paddling the "few degrees change" excuse for "trading carbon" (making rich even richer and poor even poorer): we know of at least one phenomenon that can cause temperature changes of even 20°C or more (and often daily!), yet no one ever talks about it in the media. Heck, for the past 4 billion years it has never even made sea levels rise or any species go extinct. Wow — how is that possible, you ask? Because — it's called the change of day and night! lol So now you too know that the "average global surface temperature" is a bogus quantity. The scientist got tamed.

By Letting Mathematicians In Science (Einstein Told You So! Told You So!)

● Mathematicians (Supreme Beans' Help, aka Tax Collectors) made "most scientists believe" statistics (especially the testing) is the way for turning pseudoscience into science. But Gauss invented statistics to calibrate surveying/astronomy instruments — as a special tool applicable to normal distributions only. Most data follow other distributions, for which no reliable statistics even exist. The scientist was duped.

By Building a y-not Big-Bang House of Cards They Christened Cosmology

Numinous concepts were built on top of the "Big Bang" scriptural forgery (by a Catholic Church's employee — who was to stop them, after they sold us on the Big Con?) to patch up failed cosmological constructs based on "Big Bang" — like "black holes", "dark matter", "dark energy"... all of which can only be inferred but never observed, conveniently for the Church as usual. Scientist got conned — full-deck.

By Physics and Metaphysics Swapping Places

● The first time jew popes scored big was when they sold us metaphysics for physics, and real physics for metaphysics. Science took a detour — centuries ago.


Tell Oh Tell... When To Not Cut Scientists Some Slack?

Time Factor

● Time has no absolute definition but only relative ones — you can tell what time is relative to some event, but not what the Time actually is. That means the Time is a concept, an idea, a construct — without physical meaning or significance. However, that did not stop High Priests of the Church of Physics to declare Time The physical quantity. (They also ignored Einstein's retraction of his General Relativity theory.) To say "4D" (as in: four dimensions, where 4th dimension is time) without stating time is an imaginary dimension, is to take a wrong turn — for you and those who follow.

Mass & Gravity Of It All

● Mass has no absolute definition outside a gravity field, and a gravity field has no absolute definition unless the mass is considered first (or was it last? Oh well...). This Chicken & Egg situation did not stop the Usurpers of All This to declare gravity a force on its own merit. They also keep searching for graviton (a particle allegedly responsible for gravity) — a Wholly Grail for taking their Oatmeal with more pleasure.

Quantum Factor-y

● The Usurpers of All This turned Einstein's General Relativity into a universal theory although he tried to retract it (who knew better than him?). At the same time, they rejected his view of Quantum Theory that he regarded as fake; the "quantumity" being a local phenomenon arising due to secondary tidal effects in a "gravity field".

Radiant Peoplez & Other Krypton Staff

● The legally permitted safe level of radiation for employees of US National Labs is 100 times higher than that for general public & environment. Obviously then, the secret to America's strength lies in hiring 1000s of Superman clones to do science...

Physical Units, So-called

● To sell a building without foundations, you must reinforce its walls at least. To sell the Fake Physics of Einstein's all-seeing Eye, jews and crypto-jews reinforced its claims using the infamous Physical Units fairytale first.

If You Can't Put It In Layman Terms, It Is Probably Bullshit

● Church uses Latin to look smart. Church of Fake Science revamped hieroglyphs.


Hear Oh Hear... While Examining The Body Of Cavities...

Astrology v. Astronomy...

● If -logy comes from Greek in the meaning science, why is not Astronomy called Astrology? Besides, why is something as daft as Astrology called precisely that (The Science of Stars)? In Latin though, -logia is also (directly at that) borrowed from Greek — but it means Divine. Except they don't tell you that in "secular" schools.

Geonomy v. Geology...

Geonomy includes Geology, so why does not Astronomy include Astrology?

Biology v. Bionomy...

Biology includes Bionomy, so why does not Astrology include Astronomy?

Ecology v. Economy...

● While Ecology and Economy are unrelated, why Astrology and Astronomy are?

Taxology v. Taxonomy...

Taxology and Taxonomy are synonyms, but Astrology and Astronomy are not.


Why oh Why... Is Mainstream Science a Fundamentalist Faith?

Because It Relies On Argument From Authority

● A Nobel laureate is regarded as a Saint in the Church of Fake Science.

Because It Relies On Debate

● Two Nobel laureates can form a Diocese in the Church of Fake Science.

Because It Relies On Consensus Although Science Is NOT Democracy

● Nobel laureates are the Conclave of the pope's own Church of Fake Science.

Because It Relies On Belief So-Called

● "We believe" is a declaration of adherence to The Cult in "good scientific papers".

Because It Lies To You That "Science Is A Team-Effort, Period."

● Scientific paradigms are changed by a single scientist, not by hordes of "bros".

Because It Lies To You That Science And Religion Must Work Together

● Scientific paradigms change despite Church or its Ways, not thanks to them.

Because It Forces You To Forget About The IQ... And Join The PC Club!

● Political Correctness (PC) replaced intelligence quotient (IQ). Duh! Yo! Wow!

Because It Lies It Is The Church's Opposite (It Is Just The Opposite Vector)

● Order of St. Particle preaches that Church of Fake Science adores relics too.


How Oh How... Does Any (Any!) Bullshit Become a Dogma?

Through Pepsi v. Coke Sweet "Competition"

● Aka Nature v. Science — political and therefore sinister (dangerous!) outlets that make editorial decisions ahead of peer review, thus merely signaling to their faithful "peer reviewers" which papers to greenlight. Science CEO even claims their editors have the expertise ("all-seeing eye") in recognizing manuscripts that will make a broad impact. But the minute human beings develop such expertise that allows them to know this ahead of peer review and in a 5-minutes look by one (usually junior but elitist) editor, the institution of peer review will cease to exist. Their "peer review" is thus a formality, as they try to convince the world that there could exist elitist publishing (that all Ph.D.s were not created equal). No wonder their centennial (real) impact factor is around zero, and that they do not disclose the statistics on how many papers their fake peer review rejects: because it is just about zero as well — since the signal arrives from the "all-seeing" editors. It is a charade (a colorful one at that) called "mainstream science" that, as in any con art, is then "verified" by "mainstream media" — owned by the same people (con artists).

Through All-Seeing Peer Review So-Called, Or "Edit It Yourself, Bro!"

● Aka Buddy System: I will show them yours if you show them mine.

Through Academic Career Climbing Steps

● Aka Candies & Boy-scout Pins. Designed so to kill rebel (the creative) minds.

Through Impactfactormania

● The billionaire owner of Clarivate Analytics (which, after the hostile takeover of most of largest academic indexes and databases, became a monopoly), one Eugene Garfield, made up the 2-, 3-, and 5-year "Impact Factors" (IF) — although the only impact of science that makes sense is centennial ("on future generations"). He was known as "a man who has done enormous harm to true science". Simply, short-term impact metrics are tools for the short-term success of his (their) business model, for every business model is only as good as the growth it can ensure. And what better growth-driver than to capture one's ambition and force one to publish fiercely = more than just truly quality work. While short-term "impact" factors measure just the precision of humankind's scientific endeavor (so that they do not change if after a few decades it turns out that all highly-cited journals, articles, and researchers were wrong on a subject!), only the centennial impact measures the accuracy of that endeavor! Furthermore, equal weight is commonly assigned to all co-authorships regardless of whether they belonged to the sole/lead author or one of many co-authors. It has become not uncommon nowadays for co-authors of a single paper to be counted by dozen, and sometimes they even reach 100 or more — which is happening more and more because co-authorships are handed out like candies as the Acknowledgments section became filled with nonsensical legalese gibberish. Thanks to their (by now entire) industry so masterfully crafted around a mindless impactfactormania, the "academic publishers" have hijacked the beautifully simple concept of peer-review, wrapped it up in "seven veils of mystery" and then started selling it so superbly repackaged like a box of Belgian chocolate — back to the scientists and public at large alike.  Believe it or not, the world record in the fake citations game belongs to a paper with — 2,274 co-authors (the same gang has quite a few repeats, like this one with 2,253 co-authors, so no more medals for them.)  Close second and the silver medal went to a paper with 2,217 co-authors! (But once a thief... so the silver medalists doubled-down — by publishing an Erratum, so that's 4k+ fake citations with just 2 stones, after not a single one of those 2k+ co-authors managed to catch the error before publication - lol!) The bronze went to a paper with "only" 2,209 co-authors... And so on. But if you take a closer look, you will notice that all the "medals" in the above went to — pretty much the same people. Why is all this hilarious? Well, how do you measure someone's contribution to a paper with more authors than — words? lol

Through Citation Index (CI) Balloons

● Catholics pump up their paying members' CI, Freemasons theirs, etc. You got it! As religion hijacks science, atheists still buy "science & religion can work together".

Through Rowing Upstream-Mainstream... Upstream-Mainstream... Ups...

Elsevier is an Orwellian corporation, old money from colonialism, slavery, Nazis... They try to own most scientists too - the only free collective mind the mankind has.

With the Help of Hypnotists aka "Academic" (Corporate) Publishers

ElsevierSpringer-Nature, etc. are the only predatory publishers — but how many people notice this? Unlike in the inventors domain (where there can be no "invention publishers" that take 100% of inventor's copyrights) or the artists domain (where there can be no "art publishers" that take 100% of artist's copyrights), in science it is considered normal to surrender your entire copyright in exchange for just — publishing your work! Then the "academic publishers" go and re-sell that same copyright for up to $80,000 per paper, per transaction! Ha! Of course, once you tamed the beast, why not go all the way — and turn the poor thing into a circus animal too: the so impoverished scientists — much like sheep groomed for slaughter — then go on to even volunteer their editing services (meaning: work for free) to keep the illicit scam going. And you thought scientists were the smartest people on Earth. The natural mega-growth of the "academic publishers" in the last few decades has become a burden to humankind like no other. (And no, scientists do not need to grow in numbers exponentially — discoveries do!) That is the right time to break up a monopoly; or call on the armies — as wisely foreseen by one of the most famous victims of the above-described publishing/Zionist cartel, late Professor Paul Marmet.

And even those who do seek vanity should ask themselves before submitting to a journal that features a short-term IF: "What does the popularity of someone else's papers have to do with the popularity of my paper?" The answer: nothing whatsoever. That's how empty and meaningless short-term IFs are and why they and their short-term thrills that "academic publishers" sell to you should be illegal, the same as opiates.

Through Anonymous Peer Review So-Called

● For all one could tell, that "anonymous reviewer" who rejected your paper could have been a disguised corporate accountant who estimated that your paper wouldn't bring them the expected revenue or fit their business/growth model. In case you have missed it, we recommend you watch this short video explaining why the so-called academic publishing (corporate publishing of scientific research results) is harmful to humankind, much like the tobacco industry used to be.


How Oh How... Do They Cover Their Tracks?

With Holographic Reality - Defeatism Me, Defeatism You

● When out of ideas, resort to Higher Being as the Creator of All This. Why think?!

With Popularity Pageants, Star Trek & Other High Philosophy

● Deep philosophy aims for stars; high philosophy - for Trekkies & Other Zombies.

With Intelligent Design

● If All of This was predesigned, then None is changeable. So resistance is futile.

With Philosophy aka The Mind Tumor (Religion Being A Mind Cancer)

● The Usurpers of All This had created one Slovenian anti-intellectual Žižek the "Greatest Living Philosopher". Where is the joke? His name means "the focus". LOL

With Google aka The Character Assassination Engine Gun

● The Usurpers of All This created a monstrous monopoly called Google. Search for "Fake Science" returns fake fake science links but not this site despite perfect URL.

By Flatting Out The Earth

● The night skies over Europe and its antipode Australia are totally different. But simplest facts like that did not stop the Usurpers of All This to mislead millions of the mildly thinking into believing the disinfo that the Earth is actually flat.

By Spending Your Buck On (Genuinely) Fake Science...

● Je(w)suit-ran "National Science Foundation" (NSF) funds mostly fake science — like a research into whether Japanese quail are more sexually promiscuous on cocaine ($350,000). Funnels like NSF — for funding fake science instead of real science (the one that makes sense) — is a major way in which Vatican laughs in your face daily.

...While Shoving Real Science Under the Rug

● Since mass of the Paris 1-kg Standard (copies) kept under the watchful eye of Je(w)suit-ran fake scientists and located so mainly in pope's vassal countries:
diverged greatly over the past 130 years (and so did the Newton's constant G!), Newton-Einstein physics is demonstrably fake. But instead of directing all mankind's efforts into that direction to find the real nature of G, a gang of fake scientists "voted" (science isn't democracy, but Italian gangsters will stage any play just to make the game look real) to simply replace the Standard with an "electromagnetic formula" (lol) based on quantum physics mambo-jumbo (regarded as such by none other than Einstein). By playing this little game of glass pearls, they tried to bypass the obvious variability of G altogether while telling everyone "it's all now tied into the Planck's constant h instead" (but which changes too — only they can't measure it)! They basically replaced one (busted) fake with another (to-be-busted) fake... lol

By Creating a Fake Space Program...

● The most hilarious "achievement" of the Je(w)suit Reality Show by far (and high) is a global play called Space Program — a pillar of which is the so-called International Space Station (ISS). But the ISS is just a tin meteo balloon in the lower (lower) atmosphere — set up to keep kiddies and teachs from all over the jewrld sedated on "bright future" (and the general population in the belief that progress is real as "only sky is the limit" - sic); it's all sooo obvious! But ask them fake astronauts (tin balloon's maintenance crew) why they were never trained for flights into the actual Space (if you wondered — that's the black stuff tens of thousands of kilometres beyond the planetary atmosphere). So, why is the grand bullshit show so cheap? Because the Rothschilds (Medicis who changed last name) would not spend a dime more on science than necessary to ensure their bloody earthly business keeps blooming. Just as Medicis faked support for art & science (which went to crypto-jews only!), Rothschilds are making sure that only jews and crypto-jews are "reputable artists/scientists". So when jew-owned ("mainstream") media cover it, it becomes "obvious reality".  Except — it's all fake, folks!


How Oh How... Did We Let Them Screw Up Science?

Freemasons v. Papists ("Good Cop v Bad Cop" - Practice)

● You can't be a "successful scientist" unless you declare a preference — Coke or Pepsi. If you don't, the 2 Gangs gang up on you, smear your name, blacklist you.

Popes, Queens & Other Supreme Beans ("Good Cop v Bad Cop" - Theory)

● You can't be a "successful scientist" unless you declare a preference — Coke or Pepsi. If not, Their 2+ Gangs gang up on you, rob you, and leave you for dead.

Nobel Prize And Other Fakery From The Protestantatican Bakery

● 99% of science Nobel laureates are male — obviously, then, you can't be really smart or always male-only "successful scientist" unless a papist or a Freemason;
● 33% of Nobel laureates are "Protestant" (a religious minority of 11%) — pope's most useful opposition. Religious Award spells No Room for anti-religionists.
● 100% of Nobel laureates are jews or crypto-jews ("jews who pose as non-jews"), according to the Dictionaries of jewish surnames. Basically — a Rothschilds' boyscout brigade.  Race-based Award spells No Room for non-jews & anti-racists.
Rothschilds (who like styling themseves TPTB although their wealth is esimated at USD 2 trillion, or less than 1% of world wealth) picked one crypto-jew Alfred Nobel (amongst many industrialists during early boom of the industrial era) to name The prize after, not based on his fame (he was a nobody) but name: Nobel  is a backronym (word spelled backwards) of one Gustave Le Bon (Eng. "good", inverse: "evil") - the very crypto-jew who mastered collective mind-control for his favorite family... Nobel Prize is a jewish gig for global control, made by jews, for jews.

Editorial Gang (Cerberus Of Underworld) & Other Flanks Of The Corrupt

● Guarding Supreme Beans at all costs. Mostly papists & Freemasons i.e. crypto-jews (with some extras on the Set, Protestants mostly...). Zombielike numb, playing the Great Spinx and never disclosing anything (you said Transparency? lol).

National Academies Of Sciences (Where Dinos Go To Dye)

● Topping on the Cake - with no real purpose except to sit there and appear serious top-to-bottom (make the Cake look edible). Occasionally fill in for them Cardinals.

Free To See

● Since Art & Science are equally praised, why being a Free Artist is cool, while a Free Scientist is a kook? It is because the Artist is not a threat to the Usurpers of All This, while the Scientist is. That is also why the Scientist is their slave inside a gold-plated cage. (You can patent a toilet seat, but you can't patent a scientific discovery. Heck — unionized labor make triple scientist's wage; scientists can't even unionize!)

References of Note
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Colquhoun v. Garfield aka Impactfactormaniac
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Josephson v. Nature
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PETITION: Elsevier

Fake Science

Paul Marmet

Dear Mensur,

I believe that I have to inform you that there is in science a strong "Establishment" that controls the large majority of papers and thoughts. People have the right to publish only some ideas but not others. Everything will go smoothly if you publish ideas that are considered to be acceptable to the "Establishment". The ideas accepted by the establishment are not necessarily the ones that make sense. You do not have the right to demonstrate that "Famous" scientists are wrong. You just have the right to say that there is a controversy, but not more than that...

It cannot be fought by an individual. You need an army. In my case, I waited to reveal my opinion (Absurdities in Modern Physics) (free copy) until about 20 years after my Ph. D. after I received some recognition from the scientific community and also from my Country. Let me give an example (sorry, it is the only one I know) how one single person cannot do anything. Following my research in physics, I have been nominated member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, and also I received the Order of Canada (which is the highest decoration given by the Canadian Government) and I became National President of the Canadian Association of Physicist (I am no longer a member now).

However, after I mentioned my disagreement about Science, I had to change jobs (twice), I lost all my grants (and most of my friends), and I have been forced to retire. The book that you have found in your library has been totally paid (mail included) with my personal retirement pension. I wish I could form an army of scientists that would accept common sense.

I have read your paper. It should be published. It is certain that they will not let you write this report in your thesis. My opinion is that you win nothing fighting them. You will not win against them. It is bad for you (now). In the absence of knowledge and common sense, they have the power. They will not understand. If you insist, they get mad. If you tell them that I agree with you, it will be worse.

Best regards,
Paul Marmet

28 July, 1999

*NOTE: circle the correct answer to the question of Who had the motive and means to do such harm to Dr. Marmet (according to his son, Dr. Marmet was expelled forcibly out of his university office by a team of gorillas — as a proven method of dark psychology to humiliate the victims so to make them feel guilty instead of blaming the tormenters)?

a) Simpsons — protecting Homer's job at the nuke plant

b) Tooth Fairy — protecting Dreamland

c) Zionists — protecting their bro Albert's "sainthood".

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